Ta Daaa….

Good morning.

The trial run is over folks. I had given myself a week. (Mr H bet I wouldn’t go past two days). This whole blogging episode, was an impulsive, brainish act. An act of utter randomness. That’s the reason why I kept shooting posts like a drunken soldier, with no discernible aim or purpose.

Firstly, I wanted to find out if this whole enterprise would be viable. Second, would people bother to read? Seems like the answers to both the above is yes! Thank y’all for sparing your precious time. Considering you had to peel your eyes away from “more important” facebook posts; it was truly very kind of you folks!

Now, starting this wasn’t so bad. Sustaining it would be an entirely different story. I am an impetuous, random sort of person- so this blog would be like that too I guess. But, there should be some method to the madness right?

For the time being, I intend to post everyday. That may or may not change in the future. But I would like to categorise the posts and write about certain topics on certain days. I’m raking my brains, at this very moment. It’s a difficult task. So much to say and so little time!

How about this?

 Sunday – Week in pictures/ My week
 Monday – Running/ Fitness…
 Tuesday – Food/ Cooking
 Wednesday – Childcare/Parenting/ Baby stuff
 Thursday – Work/ Books….The nerdy stuff
 Friday – Doha Diaries/ Travel
 Saturday – Shopping…. 🙂

Seems alright?

This wouldn’t be a strict schedule. The randomness will still present itself, occasionally. Let’s try this for a while and reassess a little later.

Well, ……like always I am confused. I know how many of you folks read but it would be nice to know what you like to read (or even if you think it’s worth reading at all!). Do let me know….

It’s a journey I hope to take with you lovely people!

Have a super day!

Till next time….



Add yours

  1. Wooohoooo jaznatha ur posts are simply too good… Alhamdulilah I am so glad ..that u r gonna post everyday ….

  2. just love how it is simple, from the heart..and yet so beautifully written that its a pleasure to read!
    and not to mention…love the randomness!

  3. Hii jazna . .your blog is an absolute delight. .so much tht I wait to read it every day. .Do keep ot going. .

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