Of imminent changes..

Just when new becomes normal.

Just when the dust settles….

The storms of change arrive….Again.

Yet again!

We are but helpless, flapping, flailing, falling leaves…

At the mercy of the saturnine winds of change.

Incapacitated. Lost.

Aah! time to swither and ponder is long past.

Time to dust off and get moving. Again.


A new move..

A new life..

A new separation….

Tis often told that things get easier…

The often they are done..

Aah…they are but masters of words

Who know not the verity of life.

Who know not the lugubriousness…

It never get easier, my friend…

It never does!


You repel, you resist.

You fight, you oppose.

You push against…

As severely as your frail mind can manage.

The recoil tires you…

The backlash numbs you.

The ricochet kicks you in the gut.

You double over.

It’s futile.

Wasted breath.

Squandered energy.

Fighting change is a fool’s errand, my friend.

It only get’s harder!


Accept and embrace.

Make change your master.

Let her winds get your back.

She may be a vicious fiend, as a foe…

But she a fine, fine friend.

Let her unpredictable manus mould your life…

For you have no choice, my friend.

No matter what they say…

You are not the master of your destiny…

Nay, my friend…

Not always…

She is!


Till the next….whatever…

Dr J.


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  1. I think the older we get, the harder we find change…. I know I am getting old when I get grumpy in an unfamiliar environment!!! Or they change the type of gloves I have been using for the just ten years in the operating theatre 😛

  2. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

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