The Qatar Vaccination Diaries!

Hola Folks! Another bright and sunny day. The summer seems to be on it's way out. Haaa.....Finally! I actually had ALMOST COLD water running in the tap today! Those in the middle-east will know what I am talking about. Yesterday was Zoe's Vaccination Day. And getting vaccinations in Qatar is always exciting. So much drama... Continue Reading →

Dr J. Who?

They ask. I tell.   Indian. Born In Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Twenty something. Pushing thirty? Naaah! Pseudo Malayalee (Malayalam is spoken primarily in the Southern State of India) True Bangalorean. True Heritage- Kannur, Kerala. Possibly Arab- Portuguese- Dravidian with a dash of Aryan blood. Blah! Languages- English (DUH?), Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Smattering of Telugu,... Continue Reading →

The Ladies Lounge- Currently Crushing!

1. Have been on a "get-back-to-basics", "simple- mysteries" trip lately. And am therefore re-acquainting myself with some "old" but "gold" sort of authors. No high- tech mumbo- jumbo, no terrorism sub- plots and no violent heroes. It all all about the leisurely investigations, colorful characters and intellectual and engaging protagonists. No one does it better... Continue Reading →

Of price tags and “dis-counts”!

Tralalalala Tra La Lalala... It's a Hap Hap Happy Friday... A Friday...   The H family are on the prowl again. The mall is their jungle. And discounts their prey. J spots a fancy store. "SALE" "SALE" "SALE" the displays proclaimed. J nosedives into the store. Lands at the make-up counters. The throngs of heavily... Continue Reading →

Missed me?

It is past midnight, and I am typing in the dark. My antiquated laptop has no keyboard back-light you see. Of course , it is no excuse to replace Mr Pappy. Also, some keys on him don't work. This started a few days ago. So now I copy- paste certain letters! Aah! the fun of it!... Continue Reading →

Of alter egos and food battles…

Morning Y'all! Our tale for today, commences a little over 48 hours ago. Dr J announces that she will make masala dosa (rice and lentil pancake/ crepe) with sambhar, chammandi and potatoes for breakfast and that dinner would be special fare.-Thalassery Ghee Rice (Thalassery is a place in Kerala while 'Ghee Rice" is rice cooked... Continue Reading →

Activity tracker 101.

Let me first apologize for the misleading post- title. The "Activity Tracker 101" post is still in progress.  The fitness cum gadget nerd that I am, I am very curious about these nifty little contraptions. I am on the lookout for one that would suit my lifestyle and not hurt my my pocket.  The web search... Continue Reading →

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