The ladies lounge!

I was out and about last evening, in search of an ergonomic soft structured baby carrier. Mr H finds the name/title itself hard to comprehend and thinks it’s a tongue twister!

I got in and out of stores, doing quick reviews of all the items on display. Mr H, being the exceptionally kind- hearted, patient husband that he is ( :-)) followed behind, with an infant, stroller, diaper/ hand bag and shopping bags in tow.He has now reached a point where he is resigned to accompanying me to a dozen stores in order to buy one item.

I am not as much of a shopaholic as I seem to be. My close friends call me an ‘astute shopper’. Someone with an eye for a good deal. I hope they are telling the truth! They probably are, or they wouldn’t tag me along for all their bridal/ trousseau shopping.

So yes, here I am; looking for an SSC. Just as I was getting out of Bath & Body Works (Duh! I wouldn’t get a baby carrier there!) with a buy- two- get- one deal in my bag, Mr H remarked, ” You should blog about this too you know! You are almost as good a shopper as you are surgeon.. And it will be a break from all that serious, depressing, social- critique that you often write”.

Hmmm….Blink, blink….

Thought cloud moment..


I pondered …. Not a bad idea. Though I don’t want to dilute the blog with all the usual make-up, shopping, haul/ show -off faff.

But then again, it is something that I enjoy. And a lot of my girl friends read my blog and I miss going shopping with them.

Well, no harm I guess. In trying something new.

Here’s presenting The Ladies Lounge. An informal forum to discuss all things girly/ womanly. What say ladies? Should I give it a go?

Dr J.

P.S. The gentlemen are welcome as well. You can peek into our confused, twisted heads. And please do not desert the blog thinking it’s all going to be make-up and clothes and shoes. Absolutely not. The usual rants shall continue.


Would love to hear from you folks! Do comment (email optional)

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