It’s finally here…

It’s finally here folks!

photo (47)
The ergonomically designed, soft- structured, baby- carrier is finally here. Ha!

Months of research and endless mall pounding and Dr J came up with nothing. Until yesterday…

She found a Doha- based group of Mommies on Facebook (Meet the lovely ladies here) , that and a few phone calls later; things that had come to a dead halt, were set in motion again.

A mad dash to Landmark at 9:30 pm and Dr J finally laid hands on the …..

Some background info before the big reveal.

Why a carrier at all?

  • The stroller can be nuisance sometimes (read LuLu on Friday evenings!)
  • Great at airports especially when Dr J is travelling alone.
  • Easy to carry along when on vacation and family trips
  • Lil Ms Z likes being carried
  • Dr J likes long walks
  • It is a work out.
  • Baby- wearing is super-cool!
  • Of course research talks of several benefits of baby wearing….

What type? Criteria?

  • An ergonomic one.
  • Tried, tested, proven and popular.
  • Safe and comfortable for Lil Ms Z
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nifty and non- bulky enough for the petite, 5’3″ Dr J
  • “Macho” enough for the 5’11” Mr H (hence pretty wraps and colorful slings are out of the picture 😦 )


Baby Bjorn, Manduca, Tula, Boba, Beco, Ergobaby. Whichever Dr J can lay her hands on, preferably without the hassle of international shipping.

So, what DID she finally get?

Drum-roll please….


photo 4 (6)



Dr J intends to give it a thorough trial before she posts a review. Hopefully soon…

Till then…

Dr J.

P.S. More non-random, researched, tested baby products coming soon…

5 thoughts on “It’s finally here…

  1. good choice. 425 QR at Mothercare, if i am right.. After having bought the “must-have” items for the baby, this is currently in the “nice-to-have” category which means that it could be as a gift :)) until we decide to buy it.. from Ergo’s US website as they have some nice designs that’s not available in Doha.

    Price-wise. expect it to be around 50 qr more, including Shop and Ship costs..

    1. Yes, I bought it for 425 QAR.

      I guess I should start putting up the prices of things as well…maybe that would help parents more 🙂

      1. i was there the previous day but saw only an open box in red colour and the rest were all camel / beige colours.. I assume you got the black colour..

      2. I did! I wanted those designer ones but they don’t stock them here in Qatar I was told… And the red (sport version) was opened by me!

        Who would have thought!

      3. I had to make sure that it fits before we ordered it online or if someone gave it as a gift.. so whoever opened it, many thanks! 🙂

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