How much is too much?

Morning y’all!

Another mall story coming up…. Seems like I prowl the malls a lot! Well, I do; actually. And there are several reasons for it:-

  • Shopping (sometimes)
  • Window shopping (most times)
  • On days that the weather does not allow outdoor exercise, I put my trainers on and pound the endless square meters of the mall floors- great workout.
  • Observe humanity and be utterly entertained
  • Eat not-so-cheap fast food

Yes. I do have excuses/ reasons/ explanations for everything!

Coming to our mall story. Remember the MAC story the other day? (If not then read it here) There is a small little side- scene to it. One that got put me on a why-the-hell-would-someone-do-that tirade path. Of course, the only poor soul who bore the brunt of it was Mr H.

The sales-attender/ assistant, who is supposed to be a trained professional employed by a fancy, reputed cosmetic company looked as though she put on make-up on her face everyday without washing off the previous day’s efforts. It looked like at least a year’s worth of make-up and grime was piled and glued onto that poor, poor skin of hers! To make matters worse, her skin seemed to be breaking out and her lipstick was far too harsh looking on her obviously chapped lips.

Now, I am not against make-up or enhancing one’s beauty. But this was counter-productive. Her face epitomised exactly what make-up shouldn’t do-  Make one look worse than they actually do. Why would somebody want to do that?

Unless of course, you are starring in a war/ horror/ natural disaster based movie/ tv show….




Also, do your remember the lady (Ms Fragrant Prada) that came in to purchase (read try-but-not-buy) lipsticks ; she was worse. Caked-on, overly light foundation, painted- on eyebrows that would put a kathakali master to shame and blush that reminded me of sponge bob square pants…


A kathakali (a form of classical Indian dance- drama) dancer! Looks familiar?
A kathakali (a form of classical Indian dance- drama) dancer! Looks familiar?


download (1)
This is pretty?


I could not help but stare! Forgive my “judgementalness”! I really wish I could ask what the motivation was.

Surprisingly, she isn’t the odd, random quirky make-up crazy woman. A lot of people wear such make-up here. Forget malls, I even see it in government offices and hospitals. It is obviously considered acceptable/ appropriate.

I know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The aesthetic sensibilities of different cultures are varied and sometimes beyond the comprehension of those who are not part of it.

Body Art images chin lady myanmar - burma








All the above body modifications may look painful, unnecessary and even unaesthetic to us. Not so to the people who practice them. So, forgive me if I offend someone. Maybe this is a form of asthetique that is beyond the comprehension of my little and not-so- sagacious mind.




Or maybe, just maybe; this is what happens when there is surplusage and nimiety of such gargantuan proportions that one is compelled to slap it all on yourself to use as least some of it up.( Eeks! What a twisted sentence that was! I know what I am thinking, but I hope you got the essence of it.)

Or maybe, it’s mimicry of a another, alien culture (read not- eastern) taken too far…

Till next time…

The rarely publicly seen; biased, judgemental, bigoted, prejudiced Dr J.


Disclaimer- NO offence intended to any race, religion, nationality 😉


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    1. I usually rant late at night…so late that it can be considered morning!
      Past couple of days, I digressed from my usual posting schedule…
      Hope the weekend treated you well…

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