Thank You!




Capture 1


Thank you folks!

Humble but comforting numbers.

Some of you I know.

Most are strangers.

A few are only numbers to me (IP addresses that constantly recur!)

Some drop by occasionally.

Some visit everyday.

Some say lovely things.

Some are silent guests.

I thank thee all!

It’s been a great ride folks.

It truly has!


Till next time…

Dr J.

4 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. How can you see the IP addresses? I am a bit thick at computer stuff, but I thought wordpress didn’t let you see that?

    1. Oh no…not of all viewers; only those who comment.

  2. Good luck on your journey ahead 🙂
    Hoping there a bigger numbers, lots of new friends made and interesting blog experiences in the future.

    1. Hey Ms Nomad Fashionista!
      Nice of you to drop by…always a pleasure to meet a fellow shopaholic! And nomad….

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