Ma Wednesday! This time, last year.


This time, last year..

At 37 weeks.

Anxious and brooding.

Gravid and bothered.

With a lately blooming belly.

And a rickety back.

Breathless and bladderless.

Refluxed and sleepless.

Ever planning, and replanning; obsessively.



This time, last year.

I am yet to meet my life’s greatest joy.

Yet to tune into her cries.

And melt under her unreserved grin.

Yet to wither with the fear of losing her.

Or cower under the dread of the responsibility I am handed.

Yet to know what joy a gentle touch can bring.

Or what profound sadness seemingly trivial matters can usher.



This time, last year.

I am days away from the moment that would be like no other.

Of unimaginable pain and inconceivable delight.

Not knowing what the future held.

Not knowing what experiences lay ahead.

I waited.

With bated breath and sleepless nights.

I waited.



This time, last year.

I thought my world would change.

In ways I wanted, and did not want.

In ways I would like, and not like.

I ways that would make ME less significant.






This time, last year.

Little did I know.

I would be wrong.

Wrong on most accounts.

I am no less ME.

I am more of ME.

So much more!




Till next time..

Dr J.





5 thoughts on “Ma Wednesday! This time, last year.

  1. Nice Pics
    Even I have babies 19 Feb also 2 yrs back

  2. Lovely pictures of you all. Time flies. Xx

    1. It does!! Thank you Doc!
      HUgs 🙂

  3. Beautifully written! Was in the same situation 🙂

    1. The first time is so alike, and yet so different for every mommy out there!

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