Currently Crushing- Feb 2015!

Oops! February just whooshed by and I barely had a handle on things that I had to do and get done.

The Shopping Fiend was in check as well, mostly due to dearth of time rather than intent 🙂

Therefore, my favorites for the month are mostly oldies that were either lying forsaken or things that I loved once and fell in love with again.


1. Ditching the fingers for foundation. The Sephora Pro Buffing Brush

Sephora Pro Buffing Brush
Sephora Pro Buffing Brush

Love that it comes with a snap- closure cap/ lid thinggy, great for travel. It’s synthetic and works very well with almost all my foundations. Period.

Travel friendly.
Travel friendly.


2. Manna for the acne prone. La Roche- Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

But do be judicious when you first start to use it. Especially if you aren’t used to “peeling’ treatments. It can be used as a day moisturizer (under your sunscreen and foundation).


3.  For the fragrant traveller. Travalo perfume atomiser/ refillable sparay

The travel champion.
The travel champion.

Great if you travel and don’t want to lug around your pricey, chunky, heavy glass bottles. Also a neat trinket to mix perfumes in, and make new unique, customized fragrances.

The Travalo Classic.
The Travalo Classic.



4. The cheeky staple- MAC Sheertone Blush Pinch me!

Pinch Me!
Pinch Me!

I used this blush relentlessly in February. Love the natural flush that it gives me. Only drawback, I cannot afford to be heavy handed or clumsy with it’s application. It is surprisingly pigmented (for a Sheertone blush that is) and I look like a clown if I overdo it.

Pinch me again :-)
Pinch me again 🙂



5. Bioderma’s on a break! The L’Oréal Dermo – Expertise Gentle Cleaning Milk

Another cleanser.
Another cleanser.


Gets everything off; even stubborn, water- proof greasepaint and it is true to it’s name- is gentle. It is creamy and non- drying. But yes, like all creamy cleansing milks, I feel the need to use a face- wash/ foam after using this. Hence, it can be quite counter- productive at times.



6. Handy dandy! Kamill Hand Cream.

Dpes it's job.
Does it’s job.

For 9 QAR, it’s a bloody, darned brilliant hand cream. Soap and Glory, L’Occitane, Crabtree and Evelyn and Neutrogena have all been robbing me blind for years! (Their hand creams cost about 5 to 15 times the price of this!!)



7. Edible hands- Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitiser in Raspberry Lemonade

True to it's name- Raspberry Lemonade..
Smells exactly like Raspberry Lemonade..

Smells divine. Be warned though, it is a very strong scent; the Misters are prone to complain.



7. New Love! The iPAd Air 2

A beauty.
A beauty.

So much lighter and niftier. But yes, not much difference in “substance”.

Exterior upgrades mostly



8. The Tea Trend continues. Dilmah Pure Ceylon Green Tea

For the tea- nerd!
For the tea- nerd!

Another tea! Seriously, I’m a tea nerd. This is my new crush. Pity it’s a gift from abroad though, no idea where I can re- purchase it from.

The authentic kind...
The authentic kind…



9.Oh so much fun. *Cough* The Selfie- Stick *Cough*

Who would have thought!
Who would have thought!

I swear I did not purchase this myself! I’m not into selfies, I’d rather click Zoe. This is a fun contraption to have though. Use it as a stand, or to click pictures using the phone’s primary camera or  even to click the occasional group- selfie (or groupie) …. does come in quite handy.

Nifty contraption to own
Nifty contraption to own



That is all for the month of February folks. Do tell me your favorites, especially any tech trinkets that you have recently discovered/ purchased.

Till next time..

Dr J.


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