While you wait…

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest bit. You do the hard running, you do all that needs to be done, the plans are in place, the head is prepared to take on either or more eventualities, and finally all you have left to do is WAIT. And waiting is bloody darned hard for a patience- challenged individual like yours truly.

You can smell it in the air, you can sense that change is imminent; but you can’t quite settle into it until it’s on paper and final. So you wait. For that letter, or email or phone call. The one that will be the bearer of change.

You are in a time- warp, every errand is postponed and every new plan is pushed away into the farther crannies of the mind; you are in a weird limbo of sorts. A self- imposed limbo.

You know all too well, that there is nothing more for you to do. That the universe has made it’s decision, and that it’s beyond you to influence it in any manner of form. There are people out there you know what it is, but know not the impact it will have on your life. So you wait, till the universe deems it fit to let you know your immediate fate.

Two alternate destinies await. Both possibly bearing your name. Both demanding immense sacrifice. Both postulating incredible hard- work. Equally rewarding. Equally difficult.

But you must chose one, or rather fate must chose one for you. Two futures, so alike, and yet so very different.

You must wait. For it is a cross that we must all bear…

If only patience were one of your virtues!

Till next time..

Dr J.

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