The Ladies Lounge- Let’s talk these bags again. And my favorite is..

So, we are still talking makeup/ wash bags here. And my favorite ones are has always been the Ted Baker ones.

For long, I loved this pale pink, rose-gold(ish) and white one and lusted over it at a store in London, at a time when I still did not know how to apply eye-liner and thought paying anything  more than 5 pounds for anything makeup related was beyond insane.


One day, a couple of years later we met again and fell in love. And the love affair lasted about half a decade. And then another day, it all ended with an abduction, during a train journey through the Western Ghats. I shed some tears, and moved on.

Years later, half-a-dozen wash bags older, a bored J stumbled into another Ted Baker store, miles away, in a desert town. And it started all over again 🙂


Till next time.

Dr J.

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  1. Those are cute bags!

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