Day 27- Thanking Messrs. Corona

Being mindful, they say is being fully present in the moment. Of being aware of your actions, being cognizant of your blessings.

I’m acutely aware of every time I touch my face. I am hyper-conscious of my breathing within the layers of the N-95, the three- ply surgical mask and my face shield. I am grateful for the roof over my head, and the food on my plate. I’m glad to have the company of my children and parents, when I could so easily have been stuck alone somewhere. I am thankful for a vocation that lets me contribute to  the wellbeing of my fellow humans.

I am unattached to my fading hair color or growing roots. Not for a moment have I craved a meal at a posh eatery. My bicycle lays forlorn and dejected. My running shoes gathering dust. My expensive heels and precious bags lay in a closet somewhere; unattended, forgotten. I now carry about 3 of my “essentials” to work in a zip- lock bag.  The fancy water- can, the gadgets of productivity, the luxury planner; nothing can travel with me to work. Therefore they are now purposeless.

No bothering with ‘outfits for OPD’, those fancy “work- wear” would likely not survive the wash cycles that I run on my hapless scrubs. No faffing about with foundations or lipsticks. God forbid, I stain my precious N – 95.

Every item in my life had a favored brand once, even the potty- cleaning fluid. I would go the extra-mile (or TO the extra store) to acquire them. Now, I nonchalantly accept whatever the shopkeeper hands me.

There are no date nights. Except the ones on Skype. No shopping trips. No parties. No meet and greets. No salon days. No paid pamper sessions. The fancy gym membership is worthless. The rusty, hideous, old dumbells are invaluable.

No exotic travel plans. No playdates and piano classes. No need to feel belittled by the ferocious, helicopter mums who hop from one class to the next. I am secretly celebrating the fall of all their grand “summer- plans”. Ha.

Being mindful, they say is being fully present in the moment. Of being aware of your actions, being cognizant of your blessings.

With life being pared down to the essentials. With every human being reminded of his mortality. Of the amount, we “need” to be content. Of the fleetingness of it all.

Ah, we have been schooled, haven’t we?

Messrs. Corona and party, I despise thee for transgressions against my species, yet grateful I am of thy unwitting bounties. Has Mrs. Nature put you up to this?


Till next time,



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